Greenwood Scrapbook

Last year, the Department of Special Collections at McFarlin Library, The University of Tulsa acquired a deteriorating scrapbook.  This was brought to Special Collections by Lee Roy Chapman. There are photos from as early as 1922 in Greenwood.  They are otherwise unidentified.  They do show some of the rebuilding.

They have now been digitized and can be seen at

If anyone has any idea who these people might be, please let me know.

Small Question

ImagesDoes anyone know where these originals of these images are from.  The top is one of two that has handwritten notes on what businesses were on Greenwood before they were burned.  It was taken probably a few days after the events based on the tidiness of the streets, and the electrical lines having been removed.  The relative intact walls and the presence of the burnt out car indicate it’s not very long after though.

The bottom picture is of Mt Zion church before it was burned so probably 1920-early 21.