McNulty Park

Adapted from Google mapsAdapted from Google maps

McNulty Park was a minor league ball park built in 1919 and torn down in 1930. Situated at the corner of 10th and Elgin 11th and Kenosha in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it hosted the Tulsa Oilers baseball team, as well as the Kendall College football team. After the Race Riot, the African American detainees were held here until they could be vouched for by White Tulsans and released.

Just across the tracks from the park lay Oaklawn Cemetery, where it is believed by some that a mass grave is situated in the potters field section.

mcnulty Park

The University of Tulsa, McFarlin Library, Department of Special Collections has two images of detainees at the Park. Detainees at McNulty park and Detainees at McNulty Park There are also images of people being moved into the park from trucks.


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  1. In my research on the Tulsa Race Riot, I discovered a piece by Faith Hieronymous on June 2nd, the day after the riot, published in the Tulsa World regarding her interviews with the interned. The front page article was entitled “Negroes Gladly Accept Guards”. One thing that I noted was the difference in tone of the entire article as compared to articles published by the Tulsa Tribune.

    Through pictures we see a story as told from the eyes of the photographer, what he sees and can capture. In the linked photos I see the distance between photographer and subject, something that Faith bridged by walking among the refugees and talking. Maybe if more people had bridged that distance earlier the whole tragic event could have been avoided.

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