Beryl Ford collection

There was once a man in Tulsa named Beryl Ford. Beryl was a collector. One of the things he collected was photographs. Most of these were images of photographs, usually as negatives. In his collection was nearly a hundred images of the Race Riot. Most are on on 70mm negatives, a few on 4×5 negative sheets. There were a few prints, but not many.

As he was getting older he sold over 20,000 images to the Rotary Club, along with the Tulsa City County Library and the Tulsa Historical Society.

This morning, I spent a while digging through the physical items at the THS offices, and found that nine of them were originals. They are all the same size of prints and have signs of being pulled from a scrap book. This may not seem like much, but this is pretty important, since they may have been by the same photographer.