Beryl Ford collection

There was once a man in Tulsa named Beryl Ford. Beryl was a collector. One of the things he collected was photographs. Most of these were images of photographs, usually as negatives. In his collection was nearly a hundred images of the Race Riot. Most are on on 70mm negatives, a few on 4×5 negative sheets. There were a few prints, but not many.

As he was getting older he sold over 20,000 images to the Rotary Club, along with the Tulsa City County Library and the Tulsa Historical Society.

This morning, I spent a while digging through the physical items at the THS offices, and found that nine of them were originals. They are all the same size of prints and have signs of being pulled from a scrap book. This may not seem like much, but this is pretty important, since they may have been by the same photographer.

New project

Reverend Jacob Hayes Hooker, Professional photographer.

I have been trying to find out who the photographers were who took the pictures of the riot.  Obviously, not everyone is ever going to be known, but these folks – for whatever reason – chose to document the race riot and its aftermath.  As a photographer myself, I have to respect that.

I have a current working listing up at since I’m still not used to doing the major work on WordPress.

Why am I moving this from the TU site to WordPress

This is an excellent question.  I first set up the website Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 back in 2001, over a decade after the first paper was written.  It was a basic site, and it’s done a magnificent job of presenting the information.  It’s also powerfully dated in design and structure.  I have been working with more WordPress materials and determined that this software would yield the greatest opportunity to re-present the information.

Another reason is that in my job, I really should not have opinions regarding the riot, who did what, and to whom.  I have to say that, I do have opinions about it.  I hope that by removing those opinions from my University sponsored site, I can protect the University from any repercussions of my opinions.